EcoTree is a company specialising in the ecological and economic development of forests and biodiversity in France. 
It offers individuals and companies the opportunity to invest in the creation,
maintenance, and renewal of forest areas by becoming a tree owner in French forests.

This is why the Jardin du Marché has decided to act alongside them by planting 100 cedars in 2021 in the Faouët forest in Brittany.
The implementation of sustainable management of forest areas by Ecotree makes it possible to reconcile quality forest production
with the preservation of forest ecosystems and biodiversity in general.
The challenge, therefore, is to encourage the reforestation of forest areas, but also to encourage “high stand” forest management.

By planting trees and supporting the renewal of forest areas, we contribute to the creation of carbon sinks.

And this is just the start of the adventure for Jardin du Marché and Ecotree.